#365 – This is the End

https://altiussa.de/30226-ciprobay-500-preis-41198/ Well, I did it.  This is my 365th daily post: a full-year of the absurdities, misfortunes and random lunacies which seem to define my existence.  Although I’ve enjoyed sharing my travails and until quite recently planned to continue the practice indefinitely, it now seems prudent to make this entry the last.

gay hookup sites in snohomish washington My former intent suffered a critical blow a week ago, when the unthinkable occurred:  Sophia’s family discovered this blog’s existence and reviewed certain entries.  Those following my misadventures may recall that the stories I wrote occasionally mentioned or, dare I say, featured my wife’s parents, siblings, brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews.  Admittedly, I haven’t always depicted those relatives in an entirely complimentary manner.  In my defense, however, I never imagined a Gambino might come across this blog, or bother to read it.  Had I known any of them would ever peruse these posts, I would’ve at minimum changed the names to protect the guilty, as I did when discussing clients.

christopher hagelstein site gay Puerto Barrios You can imagine my surprise when the angry telephone calls began pouring in.  Each of them emanated from a perturbed Gambino inquiring: “What the hell is wrong with you, Richard?”  Moreover, each caller berated my audacity in publishing scurrilous accusations about the family.  I even heard the words “defamation” and “lawsuit” in the same sentence more than once!  Whatever the variations in context, every conversation ended with the same demand that I immediately cease and desist all blogging activities!

appli rencontre 100% gratuit Alone, the threats from Sophia’s family wouldn’t have dissuaded me.  As I told her, truth is a defense to a defamation claim, and scurrilous or not the entries concerning her kin conveyed nothing but the truth.  Even her sister-in-law’s warning – “You think we’re all in the mafia, Richard?  Just keep up that writing of yours and see if we don’t bury you in the backyard! – didn’t overly concern me, since I believe a journalist shouldn’t kowtow to danger.

https://thelesserme.com/83402-cryptorio---cryptocurrency-trading-dashboard-html-template-28529/ I would’ve pooh-poohed the threats from my wife’s family, but I couldn’t as easily shrug off her concerns.  After all, a successful marriage requires give and take, doesn’t it?  At the very least, I think a husband needs to compromise when his boon companion and lover offers him two eminently reasonable options … like Sophia did this morning: “Richard, either stop writing that ridiculous blog of yours, or the only penetration you’ll experience the rest of your married life will be courtesy of the loaded gun I keep in the nightstand!”


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