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Would you believe? My mistaken loan of Fifty Shades of Grey to my mother-in-law seems to have softened her attitude toward yours truly. Since then, she hasn’t phoned her priest once to request an exorcism. She’s even begun saying “good morning” as if she means it. And miracle of miracles, she actually purchased a gift for me, without anyone twisting her arm. The trouble is … the present itself or, more accurately, a request which accompanied the largess.

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Yesterday, I caught a firsthand glimpse of “chain of custody” in action. Like many, I’d already learned about the concept from TV crime shows. I’d seen the importance of documenting a trail of evidence from crime scene to lab and all the way to the courtroom. As I witnessed, a proper chain of custody can make all the difference between convicting a perpetrator and allowing a guilty party to go free.

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Should the New York Rangers win tomorrow night and force a Game-7 battle against the Devils, I’ll be overjoyed. I’ll still watch the contest on tape though, as I’ve done throughout this playoff round. If there’s any change to my routine, it’ll reside in my source for game recaps. After this morning’s debacle, I certainly won’t seek results from Ned again.

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Well, I did it. This is my 365th daily post: a full-year of the absurdities, misfortunes and random lunacies which seem to define my existence. Although I’ve enjoyed sharing my travails and until quite recently planned to continue the practice indefinitely, it now seems prudent to make this entry the last.

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