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There’s an old adage: perception is reality. Or to put it another way, while appearances can be deceiving, most people assume they aren’t. I’ve always been a firm believer in the principle. As of this morning, my wife’s become an adherent too.

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Unlike yours truly, my wife is one of those people who resists new technology. While I’m always willing to test out the latest “toy,” she has to be strong-armed into sampling the wonders of the modern world. She waited two years to purchase an mp3 music player, and she still hasn’t turned on our PS3 gaming system despite its presence in our media room for more than a year. Most pertinently, it took months for Sophia to revise her skepticism over 3D movies, even after seeing one!

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Don’t ask me why, but I’m fascinated with the subject of ironic deaths. My prototypical example was the passing of Jim Fixx. You may remember him as an advocate of good health promoted by running and author of the 1977 book, The Complete Book of Running, who suffered a fatal heart attack while running. More recently, I spotted a slightly different but equally absurd example of the genre in an Atlanta Journal Constitution article, titled: “Undersea documentarian killed in helicopter crash.” I’ve often tried to imagine my own ironic expiration as well, but I’ve never been able to conceive a suitable scenario, until last night.

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Because Sophia doesn’t share my fascination with technology, I tend to underestimate her knowledge of electronics and computers. I rarely give her credit in those areas, even though she’s repeatedly demonstrated a grasp of the basic principles. Burning music CDs is just one example.

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It’s that time of year again, and my hockey widow of a wife is once more frothing at the mouth over my DVR habits. Well, not so much my DVR habits as my insistence on information blackouts until I’ve watched what I’ve taped. If the New York Rangers make the finals, I suspect I’ll be sleeping on the couch before the last round begins.

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