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Perhaps because of her marketing background, my wife will go to almost any length to please customers, my clients included. Unfortunately, her unmatched willingness to kiss ass doesn’t square well with certain other qualities. Sophia tends to be gullible; her culinary tastes don’t extend to exotics; and she retains an urban northerner’s inherent prejudice against all things backwoods. All of those traits were in evidence during our dinners with the Williams.

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The wife and I had intended to tour parts of southern Georgia this weekend. We planned to use the municipality of Columbus as our base and travel to various regional sites between Friday and Sunday. As it turned out, we made it to Columbus but no further, thanks to me.

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I’m no fan of drive-thru windows. I don’t frequent them, and whenever I’m with my wife I refuse to let her use them either. Unfortunately, I see no sign of their numbers or scope diminishing. If anything, their applications seem to be escalating!

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I finally got my pesky bleeder taken care of today. My leaky nostril that is. After weeks suffering involuntary bloodlettings, I bit the bullet and asked my doctor to cauterize the defective nasal vessel. I had no choice, however. As my wife proclaimed, my nose and I would have to sleep elsewhere if we didn’t resolve our problem pronto.

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Most people know of the well-worn hypothesis that an infinite number of monkeys using an infinite number of keyboards would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. Prometheus is no monkey, and I doubt he could generate even one of Shakespeare’s shorter sonnets. Nonetheless, as my wife discovered last night, while our puppy couldn’t type a proper sentence if his life depended on it, he’s already displayed a skill for sending e-mails.

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I’ve been exiled to the couch once again, despite my fervent apologies. Hopefully, the wife will cool off after a night’s sleep and forgive my rude behavior today, as well as its obnoxious follow up. If time and rest don’t do the trick, I’m afraid nothing less than a trip to the jewelry store will salvage this situation.

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