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I’ve never performed as miserably taking a deposition as I did today. Then again, I’ve never seen a witness throw me off my game as thoroughly as the deponent did this morning. I arrived at opposing counsel’s office at 9:00 a.m. to depose Tracy Mathers, the plaintiff in a defective workmanship lawsuit against my client, the contractor who’d renovated her home. Though I didn’t recognize the plaintiff by name or appearance, I did think she looked vaguely familiar. The fact was she sported one distinctive feature reminiscent of someone I knew from my younger days.

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While I know reality competition shows exist for many fields, the only one I watch is American Idol. I’m always amazed at the vocally challenged individuals laboring under the delusion that they’re God’s gift to singing. Every season, I question why the loved ones of those talentless souls don’t slap them silly and inform them that they are not, and never will be, the next American Idol.

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A subtle gag gift can provide more bang for the buck than the obvious ones, especially if the recipient proves careless. As anyone who knows me will attest, my middle initial “c” might as well stand for “careless.” And my Christmas t-shirt represents only the latest in a long string of examples.

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Last night, I finally made my first video telephone call using the iPhone’s “FaceTime” platform. I chatted with my old friend, Ava. Lucky for me I selected her for my inaugural session, since she clued me in on a critical feature I hadn’t previously known about. I only wish she’d shared this wisdom before I dialed her.

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A few weeks ago, I heard a radio segment on gauging happiness in a relationship. The host had devised a question to elicit his wife’s overall level of satisfaction in their relationship. Although I felt pretty confident in the solidity of my marriage, I liked the idea of certainty. Late yesterday afternoon, I finally summoned the nerve to ask Sophia.

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I think many video game designers assume all customers possess the computer savvy of a modern teenager. But they shouldn’t, as I can attest. Because, had I the computer skills of even a twelve-year-old, I wouldn’t have wasted an entire day installing my latest computer game.

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