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For the past month, my wife’s been nagging me to clean the basement. I swore I’d do the job this week, but promise or no promise I’m busy! I don’t have hours to spare vacuuming and mopping the basement floor. Besides, what self-respecting Jewish lawyer sullies his own hands with manual labor when he can just as easily hire someone?

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I hate the decline of civility on the internet, especially the increase in cyberspace bullying. It enrages me when people think lack of personal contact gives them free reign to insult others at will. That’s why I took a stand yesterday, after my Facebook “friend” posted a picture of himself standing next to another guy, whom the caption callously labeled “The Biggest Loser.”

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I ended up sleeping on the couch last night. Not because I’m in hot water with the wife again; nor due to insomnia. Nuh, uh. I retreated to the narrow strip of cushions because there wasn’t enough room for me in our bed … our King-sized bed.

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Thanks to my conversation with a client today, I think a mystery has been solved. Our quarterly pest control took place yesterday, and a new guy performed the service. When I asked him where our regular exterminator was, he simply told me that he’d be our company representative from now on. I had nothing against the fellow, but I’m comfortable with Wendell and I want him back. Yet when I called the company to make my request, a woman ambiguously informed me that Wendell would no longer service our home.

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I find it hard to say no … to people ringing my doorbell. Whether they’re selling products or services, if solicitors seem friendly and sincere I invariably buy whatever they’re pitching, even if it’s the last thing I need or want. Today saw a perfect case in point, although merely the latest in a long string of similar events.

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