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Occasionally, I wonder whether cashiers notice the items they’re scanning and then make assumptions about the purchasing customer. Take this morning, for instance. The teenager who rang me up at the pharmacy seemed to be paying attention, and I’m afraid I know exactly which conclusion she reached from my order.

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If only I took as much care when dressing as I do when preparing my mouth for the dentist. As for every dental checkup, before leaving the house this morning I brushed my teeth, flossed and gargled thoroughly. I knew I was about to pay for the same services, yet the thought of the hygienist pulling anything but ordinary plaque from my molars skeeved me to no end.

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There’re a number of things I don’t like about my satellite TV provider, but the attitude of its service technicians isn’t one of them. For instance, the guy who resolved our issue this morning couldn’t have been nicer, nor his advice more appreciated. I only wish he’d gotten here sooner.

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