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There’s an old adage: perception is reality. Or to put it another way, while appearances can be deceiving, most people assume they aren’t. I’ve always been a firm believer in the principle. As of this morning, my wife’s become an adherent too.

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Last night, I sought my wife’s opinion on potential female names, for me. “Which do you think suits me best?” I asked: “Rachael; Rebecca; or Rochelle?” Nonplussed, she wondered at my sudden interest in a sex change. I assured her I had no intention of switching sides, yet just in case…

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In my opinion, a man can take only so much physical and emotional neutering before he breaks. He needs certain minimal imprimaturs of his gender to maintain equilibrium, and the lack will eventually wreak havoc on his psyche. As I see it, these principles apply equally to dogs and humans, as my poor Prometheus can attest.

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It’s not very often I successfully anticipate my wife’s emotions. But I nailed Mother’s Day alright! While we don’t have kids, we do possess a four-legged “child”: Prometheus, our nearly one-year-old Yorkie/Shih-Tzu mix. He may not be human, per se, yet Sophia bought him for me last Father’s Day, and as I accurately surmised, if she considers me the mutt’s daddy then she must think of herself as the mommy!

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Great News! This morning, the Vet pronounced our dog’s fractured knee fully healed and removed the cast. He said Prometheus could resume all normal activities immediately and promised that there’d be no period of readjustment. Though I trust the man implicitly, I can’t help but view his assurance as overly optimistic, especially in light of this afternoon’s events!

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