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I doubt anyone who’s been married would dispute the importance of trust and respect for a successful relationship. The absence of either greatly increases the odds of divorce, and without both qualities a couple can pretty much kiss their marriage goodbye. When my newest client reported that very situation in his union, I admittedly felt sympathetic … at first.

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I often feel sorry for my clients. And why not? By the time they reach me, they’ve usually suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Still, I can’t help but view some of them as masters of their own misfortune, with this morning’s subject being a prime case in point.

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By and large, I’m a fan of technology in the courtroom. I think access to searchable briefs, documents and deposition testimony can aid an attorney in all sorts of proceedings. Of course, the benefits gained from a handy laptop only apply when a lawyer employs the technology correctly, unlike this morning.

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Though I admittedly represent people with marital problems, I nonetheless think of divorce as a last resort. I said as much to the woman who met with me this afternoon, adding that I didn’t think her marriage had reached the point of no return just yet. In fact, as I told her, it sounds like her relationship needs a strong dose of night school more than it requires formal dissolution.

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Used to be I could read, work on a crossword puzzle or take notes while motoring in all types of conveyances, without fear of losing my lunch. Nowadays, I can’t even think about eyeballing the written word whilst in transit. I’ll also admit to feeling jealous of those who don’t yet know the annoyance of motion sickness, like the guy sitting beside me this morning.

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As I learned yesterday afternoon, the principle of buyer’s remorse can also apply to baby names. The mother who met with me said she’s come to regret the moniker she selected for her bundle of joy. Although I couldn’t help her, I certainly agreed with her assessment, and I promised to find another attorney to arrange a legal name change posthaste.

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Perhaps female hiring personnel do discriminate against pretty job applicants out of jealousy. Even if true, however, I’m pretty sure those practices aren’t actionable in Georgia. And even if the law prohibits the conduct in particular cases, I’m not at all sure the woman who phoned me this morning fell victim to such bias.

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With a two-hour wait ahead of me, now seems as a good a time as any to discuss this morning’s deposition snafu. The one problem I didn’t anticipate during my first-ever use of a translator was an issue with the speech decipherer himself. Under the circumstances, I suppose he’s no more to blame than my secretary. Even so, I’m admittedly itching to find some scapegoat for this mess, other than Karma.

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