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What’s in a name? I’d say “a lot,” especially in light of this afternoon’s conversation with Mary Pidgeon. I picked my wife up at her office today for one of our rare lunch dates. While she finished a task, she left me in the care of a co-worker, Mary. Mary knew I practiced law and asked whether I did any matrimonial work. When I answered in the affirmative, she told me her husband had just filed for divorce. Then she asked: “Will it be easy for me to take my maiden name again?”

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The new client I obtained this morning, “Ralph,” is a twenty-four-year-old, six-foot tall, handsome man with a thick head of coal black hair and a dazzling smile. Of equal significance, he weighs in at a hefty 388 pounds. I mention these attributes because they feature prominently in Ralph’s proposed lawsuit… against his twin brother, “Fred.”

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I traveled to one of Atlanta’s largest law firms yesterday to inspect documents in a case. In typical fashion, my adversary kept me waiting a half hour before making his appearance. The delay proved particularly grating, because I spent much of the time apologizing to the angry woman I’d inadvertently insulted.

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