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For the second time this month, angry parents have “suggested” I pay the medical bill for their son’s accident. As before, I refuse to accept responsibility for the emergency room visit. If there’s a culprit here, it’s not me but rather the vow of secrecy surrounding fraternity initiation ceremonies.

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A subtle gag gift can provide more bang for the buck than the obvious ones, especially if the recipient proves careless. As anyone who knows me will attest, my middle initial “c” might as well stand for “careless.” And my Christmas t-shirt represents only the latest in a long string of examples.

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Last night I received another hint why the boy I mentor needs a male influence in his life, even one as questionable as me. Ernie’s teacher had invited me to a recital at the elementary school in place of my normal weekly session with the lad. Not only would he be participating, Ms. McDaniel informed me; Ernie would open the show reading a paragraph he’d written for a homework assignment. He and his classmates had been tasked to write about a problem in the world today, and his piece on the havoc caused by IEDs scored the top mark.

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Last night, I finally made my first video telephone call using the iPhone’s “FaceTime” platform. I chatted with my old friend, Ava. Lucky for me I selected her for my inaugural session, since she clued me in on a critical feature I hadn’t previously known about. I only wish she’d shared this wisdom before I dialed her.

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My weekly mentoring took place today. Ernie spent most of our session bemoaning the punishment he’d received from his mother over the weekend. As he explained, while his attempted take on my holiday card had exceeded all expectations, both his backside and television privileges suffered serious blows as a consequence.

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My mentee’s third-grade class was told to write a letter from the Gingerbread Man to all his pursuers in the classic fairy tale, telling them why they shouldn’t eat him. I took a gander at Ernie’s work product today, at the conclusion of our weekly session. Unsurprisingly, he’d opted for violence, threatening death and destruction of biblical proportions to all those involved. His message may’ve seemed excessive, but if I’d been the old man or lady chasing the oven-baked lad, I would’ve turned tail and fled the moment I read it.

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For a host of reasons, teachers shouldn’t use their classrooms as trawling grounds for dates with attractive parents. First and foremost are the ethical considerations: perceived, if not actual, preferential treatment for the child of the targeted parent. Then there’s the embarrassment factor: taunting of the child by classmates due to the teacher’s crush. And last but not least is the detrimental impact on the educational system itself: nowadays, kids learn slowly enough without having teachers distracted by efforts to score a new stepchild from the student pool. While most people, including educators, recognize and agree with these concerns, a few require a kick in the ass to properly reorient their moral compasses, like Mr. Rogers for instance.

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