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Junior Achievement apparently has come a long way since I was a youth. As I learned today, the teaching tools now utilized by the hands-on entrepreneurial program for kids include interactive curricula, classroom instruction on a host of business-related subjects, and sophisticated computer simulations. It seems a worthy program, and one which I would’ve appreciated as a high school student.

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As has become my habit, I was listening to The Bert Show today. It’s a morning show on the radio, and one of the topics discussed concerned female attitudes in the workplace. Specifically, the crew debated whether women needed to be narcissistic and aggressive in order to thrive in their chosen professions. Some callers said “yes,” insisting only supreme bitches can claim leadership of the pack in a number of professions. Hearing them describe representative examples of the breed called to mind a woman I knew from the years working at my old law firm, Schwartz Meisner.

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I’ve never performed as miserably taking a deposition as I did today. Then again, I’ve never seen a witness throw me off my game as thoroughly as the deponent did this morning. I arrived at opposing counsel’s office at 9:00 a.m. to depose Tracy Mathers, the plaintiff in a defective workmanship lawsuit against my client, the contractor who’d renovated her home. Though I didn’t recognize the plaintiff by name or appearance, I did think she looked vaguely familiar. The fact was she sported one distinctive feature reminiscent of someone I knew from my younger days.

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Phil Donohue, esteemed partner at my old law firm Schwartz Meisner, called today. He thought I’d get a kick out of the near malpractice committed by one overworked associate. Apparently, the kid had let his mail pile up, untouched, for two weeks. After discovering this neglect, Phil imparted the cautionary tale of Luke Flowers’ professional demise, intending it as a warning to the young attorney.

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My friend and I were discussing stupid new stories last night. Ned mentioned the tourist who recently mistook a stairway to the Paris subway system for an underground garage ramp. He mocked the misguided driver, calling him “king of the morons.” I, however, refused to cast stones, deeming myself one of the people who live in glass houses.

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I have a strict rule of thumb when it comes to receiving professional services from women I’ve dated – never! As I’m the first to admit, my unbending position seems like overkill at times. Nonetheless, as I told my client this morning, this is a situation where “better safe than sorry” clearly applies.

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