#363 – A Period of Readjustment

Sugar Hill buy ivermectin petsmart Great News!  This morning, the Vet pronounced our dog’s fractured knee fully healed and removed the cast.  He said Prometheus could resume all normal activities immediately and promised that there’d be no period of readjustment.  Though I trust the man implicitly, I can’t help but view his assurance as overly optimistic, especially in light of this afternoon’s events!

gabapentin deep sleep These past six weeks have been difficult to say the least.  Ever since Prometheus suffered his injury, we’ve taken extreme steps to ensure his leg would heal without surgery.  We’ve carried him everywhere, kept him harnessed and on leash for his bathroom breaks, and relegated him to bed, crate or laps when indoors.

neurontin side effects in dogs For the first week or two, our restrictive measures plainly frustrated the pooch.  He desperately wanted to run around, fetch a ball, and wrestle with his canine friend, Mr. Tootles.  More than once, I had to grit my teeth while enduring the dog’s plaintive whines.

http://bathtubrefinishingqueens.com/28-cat/casino_44.html Yet much like any prisoner, Prometheus gradually accepted his confinement.  He eventually ceased squirming for release when carried. He also began reveling in the plastic and natural bones he could chew from a reclining position.  And when Sophia purchased a special shoulder carrier, he seemed to enjoy treks through our subdivision in which I did the walking and he served as a relaxed passenger.

wink spins Needless to say, I’ve looked forward to the end of this excessive coddling.  When we returned from the Vet this morning, my first thought was to let Prometheus loose in the yard.  But instead of tearing across the grass as I expected, he flopped onto the lawn and stayed there!  He refused to budge until I picked him up and carted him inside.

Souran how to apply ivermectin to dogs Once in the house, he halted in front of the staircase and flashed me a look that said: “What are you waiting for?  Carry me upstairs, and make it snappy!”

I brought him to our bedroom, pulled out his favorite squeaky ball, and tossed it down the hallway for him to fetch.  In response, he tilted his head, casually sauntered to his dog bed, and began gnawing a bone!

Undaunted, I felt sure I could get him back on track with a brisk walk.  And our subsequent stroll was indeed brisk … for me, though less so for Prometheus.  As with his earlier displays, he indicated a clear preference to act as passenger rather than participant. That’s how I found myself toting him once more through the neighborhood in his special shoulder carrier – the sky blue, knitted woolen hauler which resembles a pocketbook with dangling legs!

As I write this, I can’t help but ask myself: During this period of readjustment, just how long will I have to carry a perfectly healthy dog around the neighborhood, listening to my friends call out “That new purse of yours goes great with your outfit, Mrs. Stern!”

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