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I consider myself a rank novice in the world of netspeak. Other than “LOL” and handful of others, I don’t recognize the abbreviations commonly used when texting, e-mailing and instant messaging. I don’t pretend to know them either. For example, when I text, I type out my words in their entirety, in a manner I deem befitting for adults beyond college age. Not everyone shares these sensibilities though, including one ninety-year-old who’s near and dear to me.

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Outside of the courtroom, I don’t usually pay attention to the impression I leave on others. I should though, especially when costumed and in public, since some disguises don’t mesh with certain situations. For instance, it’s never a good idea to visit the airport masquerading as a suicide bomber. Nor should one approach a bank teller while disguised as a cat burglar, ski mask and all. Equally, when dressed as a blind man, a guy probably should avoid any number of activities, in a variety of contexts, lest the wrong conclusions be reached … like yesterday.

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I divide movies into three categories: 1) great films I’ll view over and over; 2) those I’d like to see once; and 3) ones I have no interest in watching. Classics like The Wizard of Oz and The Adventures of Robin Hood, each of which I’ve caught more than twenty times, fall within the first group. As for the much larger second group, my interest in viewing them once depends entirely on my ignorance of their endings. I won’t even start such a film if I know its conclusion in advance. And I’ll take great pains to ensure no one else inadvertently spills the beans to me before I have a chance to see the flick.

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Personally, I don’t think much of people who take themselves or their jobs too seriously. I prefer those who laugh at their foibles and appreciate a good joke, even while engaging in their chosen professions. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than a person devoid of a sense of humor, judges included! I hate dealing with stick-in-the-mud jurists, and I pity anyone who has to interact with them, like my brother and his wife, for instance.

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Great News! This morning, the Vet pronounced our dog’s fractured knee fully healed and removed the cast. He said Prometheus could resume all normal activities immediately and promised that there’d be no period of readjustment. Though I trust the man implicitly, I can’t help but view his assurance as overly optimistic, especially in light of this afternoon’s events!

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Well, I did it. This is my 365th daily post: a full-year of the absurdities, misfortunes and random lunacies which seem to define my existence. Although I’ve enjoyed sharing my travails and until quite recently planned to continue the practice indefinitely, it now seems prudent to make this entry the last.

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