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With a two-hour wait ahead of me, now seems as a good a time as any to discuss this morning’s deposition snafu. The one problem I didn’t anticipate during my first-ever use of a translator was an issue with the speech decipherer himself. Under the circumstances, I suppose he’s no more to blame than my secretary. Even so, I’m admittedly itching to find some scapegoat for this mess, other than Karma.

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On my way to pick up Ernie for our weekly mentoring session today I passed a hallway lined with his classmates’ school projects. After discussing the assignment with him during our time together, my brain has reached an inescapable conclusion: Forget English, social studies and math. This kid needs a lesson in basic criminology!

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When defending depositions, a lawyer dreads the witness who doesn’t listen, loves to hear the sound of his own voice and thinks he knows everything. In other words, Billy! I’ve been telling him for weeks he’ll never prevail in his case if he doesn’t concentrate at his upcoming proceeding. Today, I think he finally got the message.

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My brother phoned me this morning to announce the end of a long-running conflict with the next door neighbor he calls “Reverend Bill.” Though Bill isn’t actually a man of the cloth, he exhibits the insufferable tendency of answering every question with one of his own: “What would Jesus do?” According to Frank, Jesus apparently does whatever will serve Bill’s best interests.

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I can’t remember the last time I so miscalculated the legal services needed by a potential client. Worst of all, I’m no more qualified to perform the actual work needed by the woman I met with today than I am to undertake the subjects of my incorrect guesses.

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