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I’m wearing women’s panties for the first time, because I have to! Indeed, I’m following doctor’s orders, more or less. I’ve found the feminine items quite comfortable too, so much so I briefly considered continuing their use. But that was before today’s taunting smacked some sense into me.

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Perhaps female hiring personnel do discriminate against pretty job applicants out of jealousy. Even if true, however, I’m pretty sure those practices aren’t actionable in Georgia. And even if the law prohibits the conduct in particular cases, I’m not at all sure the woman who phoned me this morning fell victim to such bias.

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Ever since listening to a recent Bert Show piece on accidental public orgasms, I’ve been on the lookout for one. I’ve paid more attention than usual to the females in my orbit, especially on bike trails and at the gym (where some of the callers said they’d experienced such wonders). Yet I couldn’t say for certain that I’d seen any, until today. Now, having achieved my goal at last, a single thought fills my mind: once was more than enough!

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In my opinion, a man can take only so much physical and emotional neutering before he breaks. He needs certain minimal imprimaturs of his gender to maintain equilibrium, and the lack will eventually wreak havoc on his psyche. As I see it, these principles apply equally to dogs and humans, as my poor Prometheus can attest.

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I usually don’t lie to my wife. At the same time, I don’t correct her when she fails to ask the proper question. Sophia thinks I draw too fine a line in that distinction, but the lawyer in me says otherwise. In all probability we’ll debate this subject forever, and last night’s argument will go down as merely the latest, but not last, salvo in our war of words.

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