#322 – Casting Call

My computer organizes the digital photos I’ve downloaded by date and automatically-assigned file numbers. Though I can replace a file number with a more descriptive identifier, if I choose, I’ve never seen the need to bother — until today.

The photograph I intended to e-mail this morning concerned our puppy. You see, poor Prometheus fractured his knee two nights ago. I feel awful for him, and not just because I’m responsible. Never mind being fast asleep at the time and unaware he’d snuggled beside me. The fact was, I thrashed around and catapulted him off the bed while he snoozed! As a result, the little guy must spend the next six to eight weeks in a leg cast! The Vet said we’ll have to crate or otherwise confine him the entire time, because his leg will heal only if he doesn’t try to run.

Consumed with guilt, I’m treating the critter like an additional appendage. Until he’s better, I intend to plop him in a comfy dog bed atop my lap whenever I’m not carrying him. And I’ve already begun rearranging my work schedule so I can stay home with him as much as possible.

I’ll admittedly need to make adjustments to better accommodate our new Siamese melding. At minimum, I’ll have to take more care when eating or drinking while the pooch lies on my lap. God knows, I don’t want a repeat performance of this afternoon’s accident. As if he hadn’t already suffered enough at my hands, he and his cast experienced further insult courtesy of a freshly-spilled cup of iced coffee!

I couldn’t risk Prometheus licking his cast and bouncing off walls from the ensuing caffeine high. Not knowing what else to do, I took a photo of the saturated area to send to the Vet. I downloaded it onto my computer, jotted down the assigned file number, and attached the file to an e-mail addressed to the doctor. I also typed a message: “How can I clean the stain from this?”

Not until the man replied did I learn that I’d inadvertently attached the wrong file number to my e-mail. Instead of transmitting the photo of the stained leg cast, I’d sent a picture previously directed to my dermatologist. I’d asked the physician if he’d need to see me in person to rule out any concerns over a certain blemish I’d recently noticed. That blemish was depicted in a photo I’d taken … of my butt crack.

Our Vet obviously has a good sense of humor, as demonstrated by his brief reply to my e-mail: “I’d try toilet paper if I were you.”

Cast and Coffee, all thanks to me!


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