#317 – The Work Wife’s Call

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the concept of a “work spouse.” I had one myself when I toiled at Schwartz Meisner, and my relationship with her never crossed the line. Nonetheless, I’m aware not everyone agrees. Some believe the bond between male and female co-workers creates unnecessary temptations of the flesh. Others claim that, even without sex, the duos’ emotional attachment violates their marital vows. Then there’s Betsy, who made clear yesterday that she also frowns on such office relationships, but for different reasons.

My friend Ron met me for dinner last night while our wives went out with his kids. The women hadn’t returned by the time we got back to his place. When we walked into the kitchen, we found only his wife’s ninety-year-old grandmother present. Ron said hello to Betsy and asked: “Did Julie call?”

Before Betsy could reply, I questioned: “Who’s Julie?”

Ron answered: “She’s my work wife…”

Whatever else he intended to say got shouted down by Betsy, who suddenly unleashed on him: “A work wife?!!! How dare you!!! You have a perfectly good wife at home, and you go off and marry some other tramp?!!! Mind you, I don’t think that’s legal. But that’s neither here nor there. You’re a no-good cheating bastard, Ron!!! And I call that other wife of yours a husband-stealing whore!!! She’s lower than a pig’s ass and she’s going straight to Hell!!!”

“Whoa, slow down there Betsy!” Ron begged, when she at last paused to take a breath. “I’m not married to Julie. ‘Work wife’ is just an expression for a good friend at the office; someone to have lunch with and share job troubles; that sort of thing. There’s nothing going on between us. Tracy knows it, and she’s perfectly okay with the relationship. So will you stop yelling at me?”

Betsy pondered a bit before grudgingly conceding: “Fine, but I still think you’re courting trouble.”

Sighing noticeably, Ron went on: “Your opinion’s duly noted. Now, back to my original question; did Julie call?”

“As a matter of fact, she did,” Betsy casually replied, before adding: “I suppose, when you call back, you might tell her I’m sorry for saying she’s a husband stealing whore and what not. Also, let her know I won’t be coming over to beat her senseless with my cane … like I promised.”

Not everyone believes a work spouse is permissible


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