#277 – Sharing Kony

What is it with me and Facebook? To all outward appearances, the application seems simple enough. Yet somehow, unintentionally, I’ve repeatedly managed to misuse its features. Last night’s “share” fiasco was only the latest.

First off, to all the haters who’ve written nasty comments and insulted me, I am not in fact a psychopath or a lover of genocidal maniacs. I neither condone the mass abduction of children and slaughter of their families nor seek to oppose those wishing to stop such horrific practices. In short, I detest the murdering bastard as much as you do!

After viewing the “Kony 2012” link shared by some of my Facebook friends, I too ached to destroy the monster, Joseph Kony. Like so many others, I’d never heard of this Ugandan rebel leader who’s spent twenty-six years directing his army of kidnapped, forcibly-recruited children to maim and kill innocent people, including the children’s own parents! I admired the video’s creator, a journalist who devoted the past ten years of his life to arresting Kony and freeing the kids whose lives he’d corrupted. And when the journalist described his campaign to make Kony so infamous that the world generally, and key U.S. policymakers specifically, will take steps to capture him this year, I wanted to help spread the word.

The Facebook share from my friends showed a frame from the journalist’s video containing Joseph Kony’s name and photo; and the embedded link to YouTube was labeled “Kony 2012.” While everyone who posted the link affixed their own messages, their posts also included the typical Facebook refrain: so and so “shared a link.” 

When I hit the share button and added my personal message, I assumed the post would look the same as the others. It didn’t! As I’ve since learned – from a plethora of rude comments – no photo or reference to Joseph Kony appeared in my post. Instead, the link accompanying my personal message merely stated: “YouTube.”

So, once again, I apologize for any confusion. But just to be clear, I fully support all efforts to arrest the despicable warlord, Joseph Kony; and I was referring to that son of a bitch, not to the journalist who seeks to bring him down, when I wrote the words accompanying my share: “This guy needs to be stopped.”

My share was supposed to look like this one!

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