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As an unreligious liberal, I number myself among a tiny minority in Georgia. I rarely involve myself in political debates with my red-state compatriots, because logic seldom figures in the discussions and I’m not going to win an argument centered on religion. Thus, while I’m pro-choice by nature, I don’t typically parade abortion views here. I’ll make an exception today, however, not as to abortion rights, but rather to express my support for the anti-vasectomy bill sponsored by a female representative in the Georgia legislature.

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I had one of those “it’s a small world” incidents at the Atlanta airport yesterday. While waiting in baggage claim for Sophia to return from her latest business trip, I ran into our favorite Caribbean entertainer. Our ensuing conversation reminded me how a single error in judgment can drastically change a life, and not for the better.

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I’m one of those people who can’t remember a birthday to save his life. If a family member’s or friend’s special day isn’t logged on my calendar, it might as well not exist. Even worse, I tend to record such occasions only after I’ve missed them. Take my brother-in-law’s D.O.B., for example. Just today, I finally got around to inking it onto my calendar. I say better late than never. Understandably, Vincenzo begs to differ.

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Last night, I witnessed a momentous event. The President of our Homeowners’ Association vowed at last to take action against the selfish residents who park their cars overnight on our neighborhood streets. He seemed utterly serious too, if a tad draconian in his intended measures. Though I tried to tell him he lacks the authority to impound offending vehicles, assess $10,000 fines for a first offense, and perform a citizen’s arrest of violating homeowners, in the heat of the moment I doubt he heard me.

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