#229 – Watch Your Spouse, or Else

If I recall correctly, President Carter once admitted to looking on other women with lust and having committed adultery in his heart. I think most would agree that there’s nothing wrong with a married person fantasizing about another, as long as the spouse doesn’t act on those feelings. But the line starts to blur when wedded people make excuses to interact time and again with the objects of their fantasies. When that happens, mere looking can transform to outright cheating in a heartbeat; just ask my friend Stan.

As I’ve mentioned before, Stan is a lawyer I know whose marriage ended last year, after seventeen years. What I hadn’t previously discussed were the circumstances leading to his divorce. Hearing this morning’s story from one of the Bert Show’s crew about her dog’s extra visits to a “hot” veterinarian brings to mind the similar scenario which put the kibosh on my friend’s relationship.

As Stan told it, early last year his now ex-wife informed him of the “excellent watch repairman” she’d discovered. The man’s skills and affordable rates so impressed Sherry that she visited his shop eight times over the following two months. During those visits, the artisan replaced the batteries of four watches. He also repaired the two non-water resistant timepieces which Sherry had accidentally dropped in the bathtub. She’d acknowledged her klutziness to Stan, as well as the absentmindedness which resulted in separate trips to fix each watch, rather than the single stop which should’ve sufficed.

Stan learned his wife was neither clumsy nor scatterbrained on the day she ran off with the repairman. Before leaving her husband, Sherry confessed to arranging matters so she could call on the handsome shopkeeper as much as possible. She’d intentionally brought one dead watch per visit, including the two she’d soaked in the tub until they’d stopped working. When her attraction for the repairman proved mutual, harmless flirting morphed into a torrid affair, followed by her permanent exit from the marital abode.

Concluding his sorry tale, Stan exclaimed: “Not only did my wife cuckold me, but she also made me an accessory to the crime. You see, all six of those watches were mine!”

Tools to repair your watch … and perhaps end your marriage

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