#211 – Trashing the Wallet

After five hours at the DMV today, my wife finally obtained her new driver’s license.  She’s already canceled her credit cards and the last of the new ones should be here tomorrow.  Once her replacement ATM card arrives, she’ll have completed the restoration of the wallet she lost on Monday and found yesterday. 

As we’ve since pieced together, Sophia’s wallet disappeared when she took Prometheus to the Vet.  I’d left the house early and she let the puppy out to do his business before heading to work.  When she wet-wiped his private areas, she discovered his back paws bleeding.  She made sure the blood was his, rather than another of my nosebleed transfers, and then frantically hustled him to her car for an emergency trip to the Vet.  Sure enough, he’d cut himself, but the doctor assured her it was nothing serious.

In her haste to bundle and load Prometheus into her vehicle, Sophia apparently placed her wallet atop the roof … and forgot about it.  The designer piece flew off shortly before she exited our subdivision.   Focused on reaching the Vet ASAP, she didn’t notice the object’s absence until the doctor completed his exam and an assistant handed her the bill.  Thankfully, they agreed to accept payment by mail without insisting on holding our dog as security.

Sophia found her missing wallet late yesterday afternoon.  While walking Prometheus along the route to our subdivision’s exit, she passed a little girl playing with a toy doll.  Much to my wife’s surprise, the girl’s play session featured a number of accessories, including a tea set, baby carriage and a woman’s wallet: one which looked remarkably like Sophia’s own.  She approached the tyke to question her.  Upon seeing a stranger with the child, the girl’s mother also came over to investigate.

Due to the noise of a nearby garbage truck, Sophia had to repeat herself so the mother could understand the issue.  The woman then retrieved the wallet and inspected its interior.  Finding it empty, she demanded evidence of ownership!  The two grownups might’ve yelled themselves hoarse over the growing din of the garbage hauler had Sophia not spied her cell phone resting inside the doll’s baby carriage.

Finally convinced of my wife’s possessory interest, the mother shouted to her child and asked where she’d obtained the wallet.  Blessedly, the trash hauler was at last heading off, and the women were able to hear the girl’s explanation.  She said she’d found the wallet on her front lawn and assumed God had sent it as a gift.  When further asked whether there’d been any papers inside it, she nodded affirmatively.  Her mother then flashed Sophia a smug “mystery solved – keep your shirt on” look, before posing the million dollar question: “Great!  Where are they?”

The child pointed to the retreating garbage truck.

These vehicles are often quite noisy.

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