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My father-in-law drove too far into his garage yesterday and hit the back wall. Luckily, the airbag didn’t trigger and he didn’t get hurt; but both vehicle and wall will need body work. He can’t understand how the device he installed to prevent such a disaster failed so miserably. I can, however; which is why I pray he never solves the mystery.

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The prospective client who met with me this morning clearly wasn’t joking. Nonetheless, as interesting as his situation sounded, I didn’t think I could help him. But since I’m no expert in employment law, I said I’d refer him to an expert in the area for further consultation. I’ll do my best, yet I don’t expect anyone – expert or otherwise – to extract a viable case from this man’s circumstances.

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A stray dog periodically visits our house. I suppose he may not be a true stray, since he sports a collar. But he roams freely throughout our neighborhood, and I have no idea who owns him or where he lives. Because he doesn’t wear an ID tag, I don’t know his proper name. I call him “Columbus” after another notable explorer.

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I’ve been exiled to the couch once again, despite my fervent apologies. Hopefully, the wife will cool off after a night’s sleep and forgive my rude behavior today, as well as its obnoxious follow up. If time and rest don’t do the trick, I’m afraid nothing less than a trip to the jewelry store will salvage this situation.

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After five hours at the DMV today, my wife finally obtained her new driver’s license. She’s already canceled her credit cards and the last of the new ones should be here tomorrow. Once her replacement ATM card arrives, she’ll have completed the restoration of the wallet she lost on Monday and found yesterday.

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I took two calls this morning from people looking for a good divorce lawyer. I might’ve handled one of the cases myself but for three impediments. First, I knew both of the callers. Second, the two of them were married to each other. And third, but certainly not least, I happened to be present at the events leading to their requests for legal representation; and I feared I’d have to testify at their trial.

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