#200 – The Stuff that Sex Dreams are Made of

I spent most of this morning researching the meaning of dreams. But not just any old dreams; I delved the significance of the sexual kind, involving people we know. The investigation took a lot longer than I’d expected. Then again, I admittedly had to dig deep to locate a palatable reason for the doozie which disrupted my slumber last night.

The first and most common explanation for these types of erotic dreams points to simple fantasy. That is, the dreamer has a subconscious or conscious attraction to a person which manifests while sleeping. It’s usually no cause for worry, even for a married dreamer, unless of course he tries to act on the attraction. In my case though, it merits plenty of worry, which is why I kept researching the topic.

Another potential meaning applies where the dreamer detests the subject of his imagined porn scene. In those situations, the generally disliked target may possess a certain quality the dreamer admires. The unconscious fantasy then becomes a mode by which the dreamer expresses his hidden admiration for that trait. Though easier for me to stomach than the first explanation, this possible rationale doesn’t quite fit. I don’t actually hate the woman I imagined riding me like a personal merry-go-round; and frankly, I’d be hard pressed to name even a single quality of hers I’d want for my own.

Eventually I found an explanation which seems to fit my circumstance. In some cases, particularly those involving a co-worker or relative, the nighttime fantasy indicates the dreamer’s desire to form a stronger working or personal relationship with the other person. I can buy that, especially since last night’s nocturnal frolic followed the good cheer I experienced on Christmas day. After all, it’s only natural for me to want a closer relationship with my mother-in-law.

Even so, nothing I read this morning satisfactorily explains the Nun’s Habit I pictured the old lady wearing … or the stripper pole which featured in my X-rated dream sequence.

Judging by last night’s dream, it’s not easy working one of these 
babies, especially for a woman in her 70’s wearing a Nun’s Habit.


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