#177 – Observations on Attitude

While watching Prometheus and his canine buddy play last night, I pointed out to my wife that dogs unthinkingly live their lives practicing the same attitudes which humans espouse but rarely follow. Sophia typically disagrees with my observations on human nature, so her sarcastic response didn’t surprise me. “Oh, this I’ve got to hear. Do tell, Richard.”

“Take Mr. Tootles,” I began. “He’s still too young to be neutered, and he obviously doesn’t know what his equipment’s for. Nor does he realize where he’s supposed to put it or even the appropriate gender to target. Even so, none of those piddling details prevent him from mounting Prometheus, humping away for all he’s worth, and being happy as a clam in the process.”

“Yes, I can see what Tootles is doing, but what lesson is that supposed to teach, Richard?”

“You may have shortcomings, and almost nothing in life will turn out exactly as it should. But you still have to challenge yourself; and you should always take joy in the doing, regardless of the outcome.”

“Hmm.” All of sudden, Sophia didn’t sound so dismissive. “You have any other gems to share, husband?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. Let’s move on to Prometheus. Though he may be neutered, he’s still male and, as far as we know, not gay. Yet there he is, pinned to the ground by another guy who’s pounding his ass like a jackhammer. And what’s our boy doing in the face of this assault? He’s completely ignoring the indignity, contentedly chewing on a bone while Tootles does his business.”

“Yes, Richard. I can see that too. So, what attitude is it supposed to represent?”

“When life screws you, don’t get depressed. Find some simple pleasure you still possess and focus on it.”

Just then, having at last finished humping Prometheus, Mr. Tootles added robbery to assault by snatching the bone from our puppy’s mouth. Prometheus apparently drew a line at the theft of his property and chose not to ignore the crime. Instead, he bit his pal squarely on the organ that’d been assaulting his backside moments earlier.”

After watching the display, Sophia said: “Okay Dr. Freud? What do you make of that behavior?”

“Another easy one, Sophia. Every man has his breaking point. And when it’s reached, even the meekest of souls will bite his assailant on the balls.”

Two pals at play

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