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Our Yorkie Shih-Tzu mix, Prometheus, displays a curious mixture of bravery and cowardice, both of which are usually unwarranted. For example, he doesn’t hesitate to chase after animals that outweigh him twentyfold. I’ve even seen him try to run down deer in the woods behind our house. Any one of the mammals he harasses could squash him like a bug, yet he’s clearly convinced himself he’s the champion of his surroundings.

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Thanksgiving at the in-laws’ house yesterday proceeded exactly as expected, which is to say “badly.” The Mrs. insists I should be happy merely because, for once, none of her family members clamored to disown me. I may’ve been thinking I should be so lucky, but I diplomatically limited my response to: “Small consolation for ruining one of my favorite holidays.”

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The wife and I had intended to tour parts of southern Georgia this weekend. We planned to use the municipality of Columbus as our base and travel to various regional sites between Friday and Sunday. As it turned out, we made it to Columbus but no further, thanks to me.

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Thanksgiving break and Ernie’s Pig Latin punishment have both ended, so our mentoring sessions resumed today. When I picked him up, his teacher mentioned his continuing struggles with math. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses though, as I reminded her. Perhaps the lad’s numerical deficiencies represent his Achilles heel. By the same token, after today’s time together, I’m beginning to think his impressive skill with words must elevate him well above his third grade peers … for the most part.

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