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My wife and I argued about art today. The topic arose thanks to a garage sale in our neighborhood. After Sophia observed someone purchase a framed print of what appeared to be random paint spatters, she wondered aloud: “How could anyone consider such garbage art?”

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Perhaps because of her marketing background, my wife will go to almost any length to please customers, my clients included. Unfortunately, her unmatched willingness to kiss ass doesn’t square well with certain other qualities. Sophia tends to be gullible; her culinary tastes don’t extend to exotics; and she retains an urban northerner’s inherent prejudice against all things backwoods. All of those traits were in evidence during our dinners with the Williams.

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I live in an area where a street’s name can change from one intersection to the next, and every other road seems to be called “Peachtree.” For those reasons, I rely heavily on my GPS unit when driving to unfamiliar places. Except, after this morning’s events, I think I’ll need to find a more trustworthy device.

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I received some bad news about my favorite old lady last night. When I answered a call from our friend, Tracy, the first thing she said was: “Mom had a heart attack!” Strangely, before I could offer a word in consolation, she began ranting about her sister’s alleged ghost sighting. Grief hits everyone differently, I supposed.

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I find it hard to say no … to people ringing my doorbell. Whether they’re selling products or services, if solicitors seem friendly and sincere I invariably buy whatever they’re pitching, even if it’s the last thing I need or want. Today saw a perfect case in point, although merely the latest in a long string of similar events.

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Junior Achievement apparently has come a long way since I was a youth. As I learned today, the teaching tools now utilized by the hands-on entrepreneurial program for kids include interactive curricula, classroom instruction on a host of business-related subjects, and sophisticated computer simulations. It seems a worthy program, and one which I would’ve appreciated as a high school student.

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