#160 – The Dearly Departed

I received some bad news about my favorite old lady last night. When I answered a call from our friend, Tracy, the first thing she said was: “Grandma had a heart attack!” Strangely, before I could offer a word in consolation, she began ranting about her sister’s alleged ghost sighting. Grief hits everyone differently, I supposed.

Anyway, Tracy told me her sister, Maureen, not only believes in ghosts but insists she’s had numerous visitations in her dreams. Tracy herself remains on the fence regarding the paranormal, but as she complained: “Even if spirits are out there, I can’t imagine any of them desperate enough to haunt Maureen!” Though she strongly doubts a true apparition has ever called on Maureen, Tracy admitted she’s never been able to prove her sister wrong … “until now.”

As Tracy informed me, when she called her sister yesterday about Betsy’s heart attack, Maureen immediately claimed: “I knew grandma died, because her spirit came to me last night. I wanted to find out which way she was headed, but she told me she didn’t know. When I asked if she feared going to hell, she said what she always does: ‘The Devil? Fuck ’im!’ That’s how I knew it was really her.”

Tracy said this time she’s positive Maureen’s “full of shit.” She told her so too. In response, Maureen asked the same question I’d wanted to pose the moment I heard my friend express her certainty: “How do you know I didn’t see grandma’s ghost in my dream? As I recall, you weren’t there!”

Tracy kept her answer short and to the point: “I know, because she’s not dead! In fact, the doctor expects her to pull through.”

Like Tracy, I’m not sure I believe in ghosts. But as even her sister now agrees, it’s safe to say Betsy’s spirit hasn’t yet made an appearance. That’s perfectly okay though, with both Maureen and me!


A real ghost?  — Maybe yes, maybe no.  But certainly not Betsy’s!

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