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My mother-in-law doesn’t drive, and until quite recently she’d never used a computer. In terms of shopping, those represent two considerable drawbacks. Maria’s the first to admit she’s a bit long in the tooth to begin driving. But much to the whole family’s surprise, she’s decided to give computers and the internet a go.

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I survived my first mentoring session this afternoon, barely. Curiously, when his teacher introduced me to my mentee, Ernie, I saw no overt signs of berserker. He looked rather ordinary: a bit stocky perhaps, and (from what I was told) on the tall side for his age. And nothing in his outward appearance suggested Satan’s spawn. Frankly, I thought his cherubic face, innocent brown eyes, and close-cropped mat of black hair more reminiscent of a harmless Chia pet than the marauder he turned out to be.

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My father-in-law will turn 75 soon, and Sophia wants to throw him a surprise party for the occasion. Thankfully, she won’t ask me to pitch in. She knows my well-earned distaste for the institution. After all, my experiences with surprise parties have been universally disastrous, including the single shindig thrown for me as an adult.

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I completed my second mentoring session with Ernie today, this time in the school library. Having him anchored at a table (instead of running amok on the playground, like last week) provided my first opportunity to chat with him, man to man. But he acted so closed-mouth at first, I began to think I’d do better reading him his Miranda rights and interrogating him.

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