#97 – The Decorative Touch

I wasted this entire morning, spending almost four hundred bucks in the process. And all I have to show for the time and expense is one used, decorative water jug. Or to be perfectly accurate, the several pieces of a second-hand decorative water jug.

The absurd scenario began and ended with Prometheus of course. Recently, I expanded the puppy’s training to include healing off-leash. This morning saw his initial test drive along our normal walking route. On the outbound journey he performed smashingly, sticking by my side as we meandered over the sidewalks. The return trip saw entirely different results, however.

I’m still not sure precisely what caught the dog’s attention. Obviously, he thought he spotted something of immense interest. Why else would he suddenly bolt toward the shrubbery fronting a neighbor’s house? But why head for the pottery? The rust colored, roundish object with a flared mouth lay unobtrusively on its side with its opening pointed toward the street. As far as I could tell, nothing about the item demanded closer inspection. Yet Prometheus seemed frantic to reach it.

He reached it all right, and then some. Executing an acrobatic leap worthy of an Olympic gymnast, my puppy scored a bulls-eye, hitting the jug’s mouth at full speed … and sliding his entire body into the container.

I didn’t need an engineering degree to realize Prometheus’ exit from the jug would prove far more difficult than his entrance. After examining the object from every angle, turning it on its head, lifting it and shaking it, I could see only one way to extricate the critter. That explains a) how I came to purchase the decorative item in question from its previous owner, at an exorbitant price, and b) the pottery’s subsequent impersonation of Humpty Dumpty after he fell off the wall.

You may be wondering why it took the whole morning and cost so much money just to free one little dog from a water jug. Well, let me break it down for you in order of expenditure:

  • Vase purchase (negotiated with zero leverage): $230.00
  • Wasted locksmith’s trip charge (apparently, a clay pot without an actual lock doesn’t fall within a locksmith’s purview): $19.00
  • Hammer and chisel purchase at hardware store (no coupons): $50.00
  • Visit to the Vet, to ensure no lasting damage to puppy: $90.00


The intact specimen, in the hours before Prometheus was extricated

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