#88 – Share the Love

I can cross another activity off my Facebook to-do list. For the first time, I answered a friend’s request to re-post a message. That was this morning. Moments later, the “constructive feedback” began. Now I’m pretty sure my first time will also be my last.

What possessed me to pass along that particular message anyway? No doubt, my superstitious side took momentary command of my faculties. When I saw someone forecasting ill-fortune to all who didn’t add the note to their walls, I didn’t want to take chances. And while I found the writer’s sentiments nonsensical and overdramatic, I also thought them unlikely to offend. So I saw no harm in re-posting.

The trouble was, I read the message on my iPhone and its screen didn’t display the whole text. Instead, a healthy chunk of the missive preceded a “See More” link to review the rest. I didn’t click the link. To be honest, I couldn’t bother to read any more of the innocuous blather. But as I’m willing to admit, in hindsight I probably should’ve taken the time to “See More” before passing on the entire message to all my Facebook friends.

Here’s the portion which initially displayed on my phone:

The sun may shine. The stars may illuminate the heavens. But only the few who share their love freely will enjoy life’s bounties. Those who hoard their love like misers will suffer only agonies in the here and the hereafter. Don’t be a miser! Re-post this message of hope and threat to those you care for, …

As I’ve since learned – from the bundle of outraged comments following my re-post – the “blather” cropped from my phone’s initial display wasn’t nearly as innocuous as I’d expected:

… except Gays, Jews and Liberals!

Share The Love — but apparently not with everyone.

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