#84 – Like Sleeping in an Orchard

Prometheus and I have gone through some tough times together – tough housebreaking times that is.
But I think we’ve finally turned a corner, since it’s been a full week since his last accident. Since matters
appear to be looking up, I’m willing to share the worst of the bumps we’ve experienced along the way. 

None of these incidents could’ve happened if I wasn’t such an agreeable husband.  My wife insists on the dog’s company while watching TV in bed, and I’ve acceded despite Prometheus’ uncertain potty training and the indignities I’ve suffered as a result. 

The first “accident” occurred while a compelling scene in one of Sophia’s beloved forensic shows momentarily distracted her. Apparently, she failed to note our puppy’s sudden shifty movement from her side, until the stream of urine spattering my pillowcase caught her attention. 

Anxious to avoid another similar event the following night, I took Prometheus outside for a full half hour. He didn’t go, but it seemed long enough to ensure he had no need, and I felt confident he could be trusted on the bed. I dropped him atop the quilt and waited for his customary hop to Sophia’s side. But much to my surprise, the brazen runt made a beeline for my pillow, squatted before either of us could unfreeze, and once again bathed its cotton cover in his fragrant nectar. 

By the next evening, I’d grown hell-bent on preventing another assault on my pillow. I braced myself to keep Prometheus outside as long as necessary for him to pee, even if it took all night. And I succeeded. After a solid hour meandering over our property, the super sniffer finally hunkered down and watered the grass. I praised him for going outside, rewarded him with a dog treat and escorted him into the house. Basking in the warm glow of triumph, I plopped him on the bed next to Sophia and confidently announced: “He certainly won’t be pissing on the pillow tonight!” Those words scarcely left my mouth when the puppy trotted over to my down-filled cushion, scrunched down … and pooped in its center. 

Fortunately, all those disgraces are behind us, thanks to sour apple spray. I purchased it at the local pet store almost a week ago. As advertised, Prometheus has avoided any spot dowsed by that bottle, whether walls, door frames, rugs or pillows.  Indeed, after the product’s liberal application on my pillowcase, the puppy has studiously kept himself on the far side of the bed. Problem solved at last. 

Now if only my nose can get used to the overwhelming scent of sour apples, I might learn how to sleep again.

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