#105 – Paying for the Privilege

https://diabetesfrees.com/glyset-review-uses-dosage-and-other-facts/ I fear I’ve seen the last of my girlie car. Yesterday my 2001 silver Mitsubishi Eclipse and I took what might have been our final ride together.

aperture casino italia Pattani We (the car and I) were headed to a courthouse south of Atlanta for oral argument on a motion. About five miles from our destination, smoke started pouring from the engine. I pulled to the side of the road and immediately dialed AAA. The helpful representative told me to “sit tight” because a tow truck would arrive “in an hour or two.” Naturally, only a half hour remained until my motion would be called.

turbo spelletjes I couldn’t have picked a worse moment for car trouble. If I didn’t make it to court, the judge would reschedule the hearing to a future date, potentially weeks away. I knew my client – whom I internally refer to as “The Nutcracker” – would never accept automobile problems as an excuse for delaying his case. In all probability, if I didn’t find a way to reach the courthouse on time, the Nutcracker would take his legal business elsewhere.

romeo und julia spiel But then providence seemed to smile on me for once. Just as I began revving up a solid panic, a tow truck appeared. The driver politely offered his assistance and I gratefully accepted. Even better, when I explained my situation, the gent agreed to drop me at the courthouse before proceeding to his service station. He sheepishly informed me I’d have to pay $50 for the tow, but he also said he’d do the drop off at no extra charge! His exhibition of southern chivalry impressed me greatly.

Bāramūla casino campione d'italia wikipedia Thanks entirely to the helpful tow truck operator, I made it to the courthouse in twenty minutes. I won the motion too! 

http://pingpongmagazine.it/640-csit95003-32red-italiano-casino-på-nätet.html When a taxi drove me to the service station three hours later, my main concerns were: the car might have to stay overnight; and my wife would have to retrieve me. Unfortunately, I did need Sophia to pick me up, but not because the station kept my car overnight.

I learned a couple of unpleasant details after arriving at the service station. First, the attendant insisted no silver Mitsubishi Eclipse resided on the lot. He asked when I’d supposedly brought the car in, and I told him his truck had towed my vehicle a few hours earlier. That’s when he swore they owned only one tow truck … which someone had stolen during the night.

The sympathetic sheriff’s officer who later took my statement told me in essence to kiss my auto goodbye. He said the thief had probably taken it directly to a chop shop and that I wouldn’t recognize it in its present condition.

Well, there you have it. My faithful vehicle’s been stolen and, adding insult to injury, I paid fifty bucks for the privilege!

The Prime Suspect

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