#100 – Say What You Mean, Dammit!

pacman spel Like a lot of couples, my wife and I employ contrasting styles when arguing with each other. And like many pairs, we each think the other’s method ridiculous.

http://www.coroman.it/703-csit56846-casino-in-bellagio-italy.html I believe in a direct approach. When I’m pissed, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. For instance, last week Sophia moved my box of Grape Nuts one shelf down from its customary spot in the pantry, again. I would’ve had trouble noticing the cereal if she’d nudged it over a foot. Relocating it to an entirely different shelf meant I’d need bloodhounds and a search party to find it. You can bet I vented my displeasure, but I didn’t beat around the bush. I told her straight out why my panties were in a twist: “For the last time, will you stop moving the Grape Nuts!? I had to eat your friggin ‘Fiber One’ for breakfast, and the last thing my bowels need is more fiber!”

inwoners las vegas Unlike me, Sophia prefers a more circuitous route for conveying annoyance. Discerning what she’s actually angry about requires much the same skill set used in solving crossword puzzles, particularly the clues ending with “in a way” (as in the answer to “stress, in a way” is “reiterate”). For example, when she yelled at me the other day for leaving my dirty clothes on the bathroom counter, her true bone of contention was the condescending tone I’d allegedly used in our discussion the night before (in which I’d simply reminded her that I liked my steak grilled medium rare, not charred beyond recognition as she’d managed).

www krasloten nl After ten years together, I’ve developed a fair expertise at evaluating Sophia’s tirades. I’m usually spot on in interpreting her hidden meanings, yet not always. Take Wednesday night for instance. She expressed dissatisfaction over my carelessness in allowing Prometheus to pee on his indoor training leash. Naturally, when she said “leash” I thought https://diabetesfrees.com/januvia-review-features-dosage-and-side-effects/ tampon and immediately apologized for what I believed her true irritation: “I’m sorry if I sounded insensitive when I said ‘I thought this was the one day of the month you’re not pre-menstrual, menstrual or post-menstrual.’” But my analysis erred. In reality, Sophia’s ire stemmed from my monopolization of Prometheus’ attention during the hours she typically bonds with him. She hadn’t been mad about my crass remark concerning her period until my misplaced apology raised the subject anew. The resulting words “you insensitive asshole” were the last I heard from her that night.

Axim harga stromectol di apotik Thanks to Wednesday night’s misunderstanding, I got fed up with guessing games. That’s why I decided to give my wife a demonstration of the same mental gyrations she uses on me, to see how she likes hidden meanings. My actual annoyance stemmed from an all-too-familiar theme: Sophia had once more forgotten to stock fresh toilet paper in the bathroom. Rather than directly confront her about the T.P., I “Sophialized” my dissatisfaction, ranting that: “It’s your fault we couldn’t have sex last night; how could you forget to buy condoms when you went to the pharmacy this morning?!”

All in all I’d have to call my little “lesson” a failure. Sophia never made the mental leap from condoms to toilet paper. Instead, she assumed I’d said what I meant and meant what I said, as usual. She didn’t rush out for a new box of prophylactics though. As I learned yesterday, she decided to put the “condom problem” to bed once and for all … by scheduling me for a vasectomy … next Tuesday.

Arguing with my wife and doing the crossword puzzle – it’s all the same

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