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I don’t drive every day. On weeks without scheduled court appearances, depositions or meetings, I’ve occasionally left my car sitting idle in the garage for several consecutive days. As it happens, this was one of those weeks. I last took the auto for a spin on Sunday, when I escorted my lovely wife to a local eatery for dinner.

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This morning, I caught the tail end of a girl’s complaint to her mother about the disparate punishments meted out to her and her brother for essentially the same misconduct. The scene reminded me of a similar situation that began one fateful Super Bowl Sunday, when I was seventeen and my parents were away.

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I promised I’d report on my sister’s wedding, and now’s as good a time as any. Overall, I can’t complain. The ceremony itself – performed by the groom’s Rabbi – was tasteful, and blessedly short. Noticeably, the couples’ vows (carefully negotiated by the divorce lawyer groom and the private detective bride, or so I heard) were bereft of certain traditional elements. Neither Lisa nor Ed vowed to honor and obey the other, or to remain joined for better or worse. Ed, who’d pushed for the “better or worse” omission, may’ve thought he’d scored a major win; but both my brother and I agreed that the lack of the “honor and obey” from Lisa would end up biting the groom in the ass.

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I visited my parents this morning, at the cemetery. Hard to believe but my father’s been gone six years now. My mother passed two years later, no doubt figuring it’d be easier to continue nagging him from a shared location. I’d say she succeeded too, since the two of them have adjoining plots.

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It’s high time my wife and I bought some new luggage. Apparently, our existing suitcase looks a tad nondescript. Though I can’t be sure the bag’s commonplace appearance caused the misrouting to Cleveland on Saturday, I have no doubt its pedestrian form led to this morning’s error. The piece of luggage I pulled from the Atlanta airport’s carousel – after our flight home – closely resembled our own, so much so that I didn’t discover my mistake until we unpacked. But as soon as Sophia opened the suitcase, our blunder became obvious. We both knew neither of us had loaded a Bible, a Crucifix, or two sets of priestly vestments.

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Yesterday, Sophia showed me another letter her father received from our Homeowners’ Association. It seems an unidentified neighbor had complained about “some new architectural elements” installed in Vito’s backyard. The Association’s communiqué informed him – in a not so friendly fashion – that all outdoor improvements to his property were supposed to be approved by the Architectural Design Committee, in advance. As the notice further stated, in the event Vito failed to submit an application for approval within seven days, severe penalties would follow.

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