#76 – Business as Usual

As I learned (for the umpteenth time) last night, my grammar school teacher was absolutely correct when she said my bad handwriting would come back to haunt me.  Consider my new business cards duly haunted. 

When I purchased the updated cards, I scribbled my desired contents on the order form: “Richard Stern”; “Counselor at Law”; “Law Offices of Richard C. Stern”; etc. I picked up the completed order a couple of weeks ago.  

Before leaving the store, I perused one of the cards for accuracy. I swear I did. But I’m admittedly not the best proofreader in the world. My brain often overlooks misspellings for instance. Undoubtedly, that’s what happened with my business cards. I took great care to ensure the proper spelling of my name and contact information, but I apparently failed to note a typo contained in a seemingly innocuous word, courtesy of my crappy handwriting. 

The error was brought to my attention last night, after my wife happened to show my new business card to her mom. As Sophia told it, my mother-in-law eyeballed it and said: “Very nice, but what’s a ‘Cuntsler’?” 

Talk about an unfortunate typo! Someday, I’m sure I’ll have a hearty chuckle over it. At the moment though, I’m still scrambling to figure out how many copies I’ve already handed out, and to which upstanding members of my community?



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