#51 – Wabbit Season

Several people have told me they don’t see much sign of Shih Tzu in Prometheus.  What do I know?  Before my wife gifted him to me for Father’s Day, I couldn’t have picked a Shih-Tzu or Yorkie out of a lineup, and I’d certainly never heard of a melding of the two breeds.  The truth of the situation makes no difference to me either.  To be blunt, at less than six pounds, there’s not enough of the critter for me to give a crap.  In any case, I’m far less concerned over the percentage of Shih-Tzu genetically contributed to my puppy than I am about the disturbing inter-species behavior I’m seeing from him. 

The problem is rabbits. Apparently they’ve been reproducing like, well … rabbits, and are currently inundating our neighborhood.  They’re seemingly everywhere, leveling vegetable gardens throughout the subdivision more thoroughly than Sherman did to Atlanta during the War of Northern Aggression (as a southerner now, I’ve decided to use the “correct” label for what the Yankees refer to as the Civil War; “when in Rome” and all). 

When the rabbit plague initially arose, Prometheus behaved appropriately dog-like.  He barked.  He also chased after them in valiant though obviously vain efforts to snare dinner. 

After a plethora of fruitless pursuits, however, my little Shitty has begun to adopt an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude.  The first disturbing sign of his surrender occurred last week, when Sophia dropped a carrot on the floor and Prometheus gobbled it up as though it was a tasty liver treat. Later in the week, I also caught him munching raw grass on the front lawn. And this morning, to my utter horror, when a particularly brazen bunny meandered across our property, Prometheus playfully hopped after it. Yes, I said “hopped.”  My purported canine didn’t trot; he didn’t canter; he didn’t run. Rather, he hopped, exactly like the creature he was supposed to be chasing! 

All I can say is, the dog’s neutering can’t come soon enough. At the rate Prometheus seems to be metamorphosing, it won’t be long before he tries to mate with a rabbit. I don’t know that biology would allow a mostly-Yorkie to successfully breed with such a different species, but I’ll be damned before I chance introducing the “Yabbit” into this world.

Add one part rabbit …




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