#29 – Ambition

I normally admire a man with ambition, up to a point.  Unfortunately, I fear Prometheus has reached that point.  I can only hope neutering is the answer. 

My little shitty turned 13 yesterday (13 weeks that is).  He’s through his second round of shots and the
Vet said it’s okay for him to be around another dog, but just one.  So yesterday, I let the critter tag along on
a visit to one of my dog-owning friends. My buddy has a female Great Dane named “Susie” who weighs close to 150 pounds.  Obviously, she’s a bit larger than Prometheus.  Who am I kidding?  She’s taken dumps bigger than him.    

Despite the size differential, Prometheus clearly took a shine to Susie.  I could tell because, five minutes after our arrival, I glanced at the Great Dane only to see my boy draped around one of her hind legs furiously humping away.  Though his stationary victim mutely endured the outrageous assault on her person, the withering look of indignation she visited on the unwelcome hitchhiker spoke volumes. 

Now that’s what I call ambition!  And since Prometheus would need a stepladder to do any real harm to Susie, I felt inclined to view his youthful enthusiasm as “harmless” aspiration.  I even chuckled over the whole incident, calling the puppy a “chip off the old block.” (Not that I’ve ever humped a Great Dane, mind you.)  But that was yesterday. 

Today proved an entirely different story.  Once again Prometheus tried to bite off more than he could chew.  Only, this time the leg my mutt chose to assault happened to belong to the 60-year-old man who met me to discuss potential legal representation. I suspect the guy will now look elsewhere for an attorney, since he wasn’t smiling when he told me, after shaking Prometheus off his leg for the third time: “You know, I’ve been screwed by lawyers before, and I expect to be screwed by lawyers again … but not like this!”


great dane

The Great Dane — a large, patient dog

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