#27 – No Price for Beauty?

You know those beautifying masks women cover their faces with for toning, exfoliating, revitalizing, etc.?  Those ridiculous, multi-hued pastes which turn the loveliest of women into exiles from the latest mime festival?  The clay-like facial cloaks which prompt a guy to ask his wife: “Didn’t we schedule clown sex for tomorrow night?”  Well in case you weren’t aware, those beautifying products can be expensive, some considerably moreso than others.  And as I regrettably discovered, it’s best to know which ones are the costly items before using them as props for immature practical jokes. 

I can’t swear to the method’s accuracy, but I now suspect beauty industry names and packaging offer a fair indication of relative price.  For instance, “Masque – Orchidée Impériale,” which I found in Sophia’s bathroom cabinet, comes in an elegant glass jar with a golden lid and  costs $357.00. In contrast, the plastic tube of toning “Mask” resting beside the stunning container runs for about $40.00.   

Sophia informed me of the differences in masking products and their prices when she got home yesterday … and gazed upon my bare butt cheeks slathered in half the contents of that gorgeous glass jar.

Orchidee imperiale


#27 – No Price for Beauty? — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing.  Of course, luckily for you, none of the expensive items ended up slathered on your ass (as far as I can tell, at least).

  2. Kudo’s to you for getting in touch with your feminine side. So the wife didn’t like it. You’d still be voted ‘most eligible’ in any cell block, YMCA, or Barry Manilow fanclub.

  3. Though you may be correct, that’s neither here nor there.  Forget about the wife not liking it.  I’m the more unhappy one now, ever since Sophia told me she’ll need to buy another of the fancy bottles (due to my wasteful prank).

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