#21 – Lessons Learned

I just filled my quota and then some in the “learn something new every day” field.  This morning, I finally took the plunge and signed up for Facebook.  An amazing tool!  Within minutes I managed to track down one of my high school buddies, Seth Harris. Seth and I played Dungeons & Dragons in a group of mostly-likeminded purveyors of curses and off-color humor, the raunchier and more perverse the better.  He accepted my “friend” request, and I dashed off a suitable greeting to him early this afternoon. 

A half hour ago I received a reply from Seth, which brings me to today’s first lesson learned: the career path you expect a high school kid to take can vary significantly from the one he ultimately selects.  Who would’ve thought?  Of all the unlikely professions, Seth chose teaching. 

The manner through which Seth conveyed his professional background leads me to the second of today’s lessons.  Did you know there’s a difference between posting on someone’s “wall” and sending them a private message?  I do … now. 

That brings me to the final lesson learned today: apparently, not every third grade teacher appreciates a good pedophile joke.

private message

The Facebook private messaging screen


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  1. You know, until yesterday, I hadn’t been in touch with Seth for nearly thirty years.  And now?  Well, what’s another thirty years among friends?

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