#11 – In Training

https://diabetesfrees.com/jalra-review-uses-contraindications-dosage-side-effects/ Today’s post is a three-parter.  Last night I wrote the first section.  At 4:30 this afternoon, I typed up the final part. And the photos in the middle? Those I took over the course of the day, the exceedingly long day.

facebook singles kennenlernen anmeldung Part I – The Plan

vivastreet rencontre gay bordeaux Sophia insists on sending Prometheus to obedience school.  Naturally I beg to differ.  As I replied: “Why spend good money paying some self-proclaimed dog guru, when I can train the mutt perfectly well on my own?”  

kasyno online holandia She didn’t say anything in response; the disdainful rolling of her eyes told me all I needed to know.

Kasongo englische frauen kennenlernen coaching My training plan is a simple one.  In my thinking, constant supervision and excessive rules might smother the critter’s personality.  That’s not what I’m shooting for.  As I told Prometheus himself an hour ago (while looking him determinedly in the eye for emphasis): “I expect you to pull your own weight in this training exercise; you tell me when you need to go potty and I’ll take you out.”  

https://www.cabinetbrassens.fr/4200-csfr53077-machine-jackpot.html I also showed him a variety of objects I don’t want him chewing on, telling him “no” as I mimed each example of objectionable conduct.  I realize he doesn’t understand English, yet; but I’m pretty sure he got the picture. Without sounding too immodest, I fully expect smooth sailing on the obedience seas.

Part II – Rough Waters

Okay, I’ll admit it; today didn’t run exactly as planned.  They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.  Well these photos certainly speak for themselves.

My Gym Sock
My Gym Sock
Lisa's Wedding Invitation
Lisa’s Wedding Invitation
My Sneaker2
My Sneaker
The door frame
The Door Frame
The Dog Gate
The Dog Gate

Part III – The Upshot

While Prometheus enjoys his fifth time-out of the day, in his crate, I can take a moment to assemble my to-do list for tomorrow.  A moment is all I need … for a list which features only three items:

1) locate obedience school;

2) purchase new sneakers;

3) hire carpenter.


#11 – In Training — 13 Comments

  1. obedience school sounds wise… but did I really need to see that sneaker picture? It’s okay though. I forgive you since I really love animals. Now if that had been human poop, different story.

  2. Your efforts at training never had a chance. For a start, your choice of name for the pooch was seriously bad.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan, the son of Iapetus and Themis, and brother to Atlas, Epimetheus and Menoetius. He was a champion of mankind, known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. Zeus then punished him for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day. His myth has been treated by a number of ancient sources, in which Prometheus is credited with – or blamed for – playing a pivotal role in the early history of mankind.

    You should have called him Rover or Bonzo or Spot or Cuddles or Fido or Pluto, anything but Prometheus.

  3. Recent events notwithstanding, I have faith that the critter will live up to his four syllable name.  Of course, admittedly, my faith hasn’t enjoyed an entirely spotless track record.

  4. Sorry for my outburst. I missed the previous post about his name and all. From the condition of your door jamb, I thought at least a rottweiler, maybe a great dane or a Rhodesian Stegasaurus.

  5. Bite your tongue.  That fate, at least, I can avoid, since the overgrown cotton ball has his own bed.  He’ll sleep in my bed only over my cold, stiffened corpse.

  6. The damage took me by surprise, I can tell you.  Although I suppose even smaller creatures than Prometheus have been known to do worse.  Termites, for example.

  7. As a dog trainer, I can tell you there are plenty more accidents to come!!! Especially since a puppy that size will need to go potty every 2-3 hours. I would suggest potty pad training him, and stop giving him time outs in his crate (unless you want a screaming adult dog when you eventually put him in there to go to work/grocery shopping). Shipping him off to training school will help, but that doesn’t mean he’ll listen to you when he gets back- perhaps going with him to a training class will help establish a bond AND train you as well as the pup. Not to mention, classes are more wallet friendly. Loved the read 🙂

  8. Yes. It means…well, it’s difficult to explain what it means. French and English are such very different languages – you can never translate a word one on one.

    I suppose what comes fairly close, without however genuinely covering it, is the English term “artist”. It’s a rough approximation, anyway.

    Hope it helps!

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